toddler storytime!

I’m very happy to be back to doing toddler storytimes, after starting them at my library last spring. (My coworker had taken them over for the summer session.) I had a small group for the first meeting of the fall session, but I think that’s typical for fall when everyone is adjusting to new routines. 

I do not have themes for my toddler storytimes, and do not vary much from week to week. I did make a new cars flannel to use, and it went over really well. Here are the rhymes that I’ll be using for most of my fall toddler sessions. 

For my last session, I used This Little Chick by John Lawrence to do animal noises with the kids. Instead of using my usual rhyme, I would sing-read the text of the book, which is perfectly written to encourage the kids to respond different farm animal noises. This session I’m hoping to use some different books for animal noises as well as This Little Chick. I really, really love this book, but I know that it would be good to show the kids different representations of animals. 

Book shared: 

Cleo’s Color Book by Caroline Mockford 

Book used for animal noises:

This Little Chick by John Lawrence

Here’s a picture of my Cars flannel! This time I used it with a rhyme from Nancy Stewart’s web site. I made the cars different sizes as well as different colors so that I can use it with some of Nancy’s other rhymes to practice size as well. 

cars flannel


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