toddler storytime!

It was a rainy morning, so I chose a bright, colorful book to share with the toddlers this week. Same rhymes as usual, but with a new flannel inspired by the Flannel Friday post by storytime katie!

Book shared:

Butterfly, Butterfly by Petr Horáček

Book used for animal noises:

This Little Chick by John Lawrence

Here’s the Five Apples rhyme I used, modified from the one found on Canton Public Library’s page. I had a small group of kids, so I let them take turns knocking apples off the felt board, which they loved.

Five little apples
Hanging on a tree
The juiciest apples you ever did see!
The wind came past (Wave arms)
And blew all around (Wave arms all around)
And one little apple came tumbling down.

Four little apples…
Three little apples…
Two little apples…
One little apple…

apple flannel


One comment

  1. […] used the Five Little Apples flannel again, and the kids still love it! They really get excited to knock an apple off the felt […]

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