fall storytime

The branch’s Community Room, where I usually hold storytime, was booked to an outside group today. Usually I get first dibs on the room, but this was a special circumstance. I didn’t want to cancel storytime, so a coworker helped me brainstorm a way to rearrange the children’s area so that I could squeeze 40+ little bodies in there for reading.

Books shared:

The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson & Buket Erdogan

I really like The Busy Little Squirrel and used it in the fall last year. The illustrations are big, beautiful, and great for prompting discussion. I didn’t think Mouse’s First Fall went over as well, especially since one of the preschool classes immediately recognized it as their teacher had already read it this year. I was considering reading Fall Leaves Fall by Hall, perhaps I’ll try that next year.

I wanted to do a simple craft since the only space they would have to do it would be the carpet in front of them. I had them color and write their names on some simple cut-out leaves which we could hang up to decorate the children’s area. It wasn’t very creative, but they did a really good job!


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