preschool storytime: cold outside

Despite the fact that it’s almost 60 degrees outside today, I had planned a winterish storytime for this week. We pretended that it was cold outside and made some “brrrrrrrrrr” noises to get ourselves in the right frame of mind. I actually ended up doing this storytime twice but with different crafts.

Books shared:

Tippy-tippy-tippy-Hide! by Candace Fleming

Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming

The first book, Tippy-tippy-tippy-Hide!, went over really well with both groups. (It features the same mischievous bunnies and curmudgeon as Muncha Muncha Muncha.) When we stood up to stretch between books, we performed an amazing round of Head & Shoulders. First we sang it normal, then slowly, then super fast, then backwards (toes knees shoulders head, shoulders head), then whispering, then underwater style, then fast again because that was the best. I’m not sure if the song riled them up, but neither group was really focused for Time to Sleep, which is too bad because I love this book. The second group did better with it, but it seemed they would have enjoyed it more if it were a few pages shorter.

I hadn’t planned a craft for the first group (they called that morning to see if we’d do a last-minute-storytime) so I just taped some big paper down on the tables and let them go at it with crayons. Someone started off with a Christmas tree and many of the kids drew holiday-themed trees and snowmen. Afterwards they wanted to read books again so the teachers let them lounge around for awhile and look at books. Usually when groups come to storytime it’s just in-and-out, the kids don’t actually get to use the collection or children’s room, so this was special.

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