toddler storytime: penguins!

I’m so excited to finally participate in Flannel Friday! Every week I look forward to checking in with everyone’s great ideas, and I’m happy to finally have a post of my own to share! Check out more Flannel Friday ideas this week on Mel’s Desk roundup, and also check out the Flannel Friday pages on Pinterest and Facebook.

I haven’t made a new flannel in awhile, but last week I finally got my hands on some white felt to make some penguins. I use a few different flannels with my toddlers (apples, cars, owls, and now penguins) but I do pretty much the same activity with them each time. I have “5 little” rhymes for each one, and let the kids take turns coming up and taking an apple (or car or owl or penguin) as it falls off the tree (or drives away or flies away or goes for a swim.) The kids really enjoy it and it’s a great chance for them to practice taking turns. Typically I have to put up the pieces again and run through a few times to give everyone a chance.

I had been wanting to make something more wintery, and decided to go for penguins after reading the Storytime Secrets penguin post. I did some searching and ended up using the same clip art as Miss Mary Lieberry, using it as a template for felt as she did. I added googly eyes to mine.

The books I used this week had nothing to do with penguins, but here they are:

Book shared:

One Little Lamb by Elaine Greenstein

Book used for animal noises:

Old MacDonald Had a Farm by Jane Cabrera

The rhyme I used for the penguins was one I made up 10 minutes before storytime. Nothing fancy, but it works!

5 little penguins, sitting on the ice.

One swims away, isn’t that nice!

4, 3, 2, 1… repeat as necessary



  1. Congratulations on your first Flannel Friday post! It is very cute!

    I like your rhyme ~ it is simple and sweet ~ perfect for little ones! And I love that you repeat the rhyme for everyone to have a turn. At that age it is so hard for little ones to understand if a friend gets to do something and they don’t. Plus repeating the rhyme several times helps the parents remember it later. 🙂

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