on changing libraries

Sometimes you got a good thing going, but decide to apply for another job anyway because it’s a great opportunity and you don’t want to wonder what-if. Well, I applied, got the job, accepted, it and moved everything across the state (again.)

Changing libraries is hard. (Most especially if you work with some really great people you leave behind.) Things are different everywhere and it’s always weird to walk into another place and learn the new rules, both formal and informal. If you’re me, you move from a Dewey library to an LC library, causing all of your NF knowledge to become instantly useless. Dinosaurs? Bugs? Animals? Basketball? I had to look these up for a few weeks until I learned them by heart. And every library comes with a whole heap of new policies to learn. Answering the simplest “what do I need to get a library card?” took minutes instead of seconds, as I would invariably have to check with a coworker. Sometimes I would catch myself answering the question, but with my old library’s answer.

I finally feel adjusted, as I approach 5 months. The kids know my name. The girls at the coffee shop across the street know me. The staff trusts me. I trust myself. When I walk around the neighborhood on my lunch break, people say hello to me. At system-wide staff meetings, people know who I am and which branch I hail from. When someone asks where I work, I don’t have to think twice before answering. And that feels really good.


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