craft: dream catchers

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about this craft. It was scheduled for me at my new library before I started as one of the summer reading activities that would happen at all of the branches. However, it ended up being a total blast. I modified the original plan (a weekday afternoon from 3-5pm) and instead ran the craft as a drop-in activity all week. The kids ended up making some really amazing pieces, and the craft was so fun that some of the wait-for-pickup-after-camp kids made them multiple days.

Dream Catcher Recipe:

1 paper plate

handful of feathers

handful of pony beads


long piece of yarn (about 10 feet)

optional: paint, glitter, glue

Use scissors to cut the middle out of the paper plate, so that it looks like a hoop or ring. Use a single-hole punch to punch holes around the ring. Decorate the ring with crayons, markers, or whatever else you like.

Take the yarn and thread it across the ring from hole to hole. You can make many different designs, but you should end up with something that looks like a web. As you are threading the yarn, you can string beads along if you like.  When you are close to the end of your yarn, tie it off. If you like, you can leave a tail hanging off the bottom. You can also cut extra yarn to tie hanging off the bottom of your dream catcher.

Add in the feathers. You can stick them into the beads, tie them on the end of the tail hanging off the bottom (if you made one) or glue them around the outside of the ring.

I gave some kids glitter glue and paint for them to further decorate their creations. They did this after they had assembled the whole dream catcher, so they wouldn’t have to wait for it to dry before threading the yarn through.

Viola! You’re done. Hang the dream catcher in your room and it will (supposedly) catch all of the bad dreams to stop them from interrupting your sleep.

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