preschool story time: lunar new year

I did this story time a few different times in mid-February, as the Lunar New Year was being celebrated. The pics below are from an outreach story time I did at a local preschool. This was a great craft to bring on the road as it travels well and required little (crayons, scissors) from the preschool teachers.

Books shared:

Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin

The Seven Chinese Sisters by Kathy Tucker, ills. Grace Lin

Can you tell I love anything Grace Lin? Bringing in the New Year is short but factual. It has a lot of good info about ways that the Lunar New Year is celebrated. The Seven Chinese Sisters is a book I absolutely love sharing. It may have been a little above this preschool group, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. I will say that it does go over better with kindergardeners and first graders.

I also read Bringing in the New Year to a toddler class, pairing it with Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh(Probably my favorite snake book of all time.)

This new year is the year of the snake, so I did an old-favorite snake craft. I took big construction paper and with a pencil, drew a coil snake pattern. I trimmed off the extra so the kids were each given a round/oval snake shape to color in. When they were done, they (or a grown up) cut along the pencil line to uncoil the snake. The only thing I would have changed was perhaps making the snakes a big smaller. They were quite long, and as the kids paraded around with them, many of them ripped underfoot. The perfect size would probably be paper plates.

kids coloring snakes kids coloring snakes 2



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