preschool story time: snow 2013

Last year I did a story time using Alice Schertle’s All You Need for a Snowman and it was awesome. This year I did the same activity and read aloud with many different groups: preschool story time, preschool class visits, and kindergarten class visits. The snowmen we made together came out so wonderfully that I had to share them.

As I read the story, I called the kids one at a time to help draw a part of the snowman. The kids in the book are making a snowman, so as they add parts, we drew those same parts on our snowman. I explained at the beginning of each session that every kid would get a turn to draw. I also explained that it is up to the artist to draw however he/she likes. If the artist wants the snowman to have three eyes, so be it.

Inevitably, some of the classes had more kids than the book had parts of the snowman, so we had to improvise. I left it up to the artists. One snowman ended up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with 11 arms and multiple swords. Another snowman had a cell phone “in case he wanted to play a game.”

I’ve also done this activity with Schertle’s All You Need for a Beach with success.


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