preschool storytime: dinosaurs

One of the themes we agreed to do system-wide this summer was dinosaurs, to go along with the greater Dig summer reading program. I can’t really stick to a theme for longer than one storytime, so I largely have ignored Dig, except for this storytime on dinosaurs and another on gardening.

Dinosaurs are so universally appealing and there are so many good books to choose from. I’ve used other books in the past, but this is what I ended up with this time:

Books shared:

Dinosaur Bones by Bob Barner

Dinosaur vs. The Library by Bob Shea

Except If by Jim Averbeck

There Was a Tree by Rachel Isadora

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark by Ken Geist and Julia Gorton

I’ve now done dinosaurs six times in the past two weeks for various groups. This group of books gave me a nice balance to pick and choose 2-3 to share with each group, depending on their age/size/mood/wiggliness. And yes, I know that there are no dinosaurs in There Was a Tree. It’s just an awesome book and great for getting kids involved who are too wiggly to listen to some of the others. I do it call-and-response style, but since I’m not great at keeping a tune I just sort of chant it. I also realize there are no dinosaurs in The Three Little Fish, but sharks aren’t too far from dinosaurs in my mind. Weren’t they all alive at the same time? Or is that just horseshoe crabs?

I have a mask craft that I have used a bunch of times in various iterations. This time, it was a dinosaur with sharp teeth. (It has previously been a shark, a monster, and even a frog.) I cut out the bottom half of the inside of a paper plate as the mouth hole, and use various scrap paper to make little triangles for teeth.  If you’ve got a group you don’t want to glue with, you can easily leave off the teeth. When complete, hold up to face and ROAR!!!!!!

dinosaur mask


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