preschool story time: snails (and snakes)

I had done snakes with some of my preschool groups already, for the Lunar New Year and for summer crafts, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to read Small Green Snake. So I decided to pair it with The Secret and do a snail craft.

Books shared:

The Secret by Lindsay Barrett George

Small Green Snake by Libba Moore Gray

The Secret went over great. Every time an animal told the secret, I had the kids cup their hands over their mouths and make whispery-secret sounds with me. (See video for demo.) They loved it, even if they didn’t quite get the whole idea of the romantic secret at the end.

Small Green Snake has a really nice rhythm to it and makes a great read-aloud. I’ve used this with kindergarten classes, too. This book is a little long for some preschool groups, but it worked out okay since The Secret is pretty short.

I searched and searched for a snail craft, since I had already done snakes with most of the kids. I did not find much, but ended up modifying an idea for a hermit crab craft into a snail craft. We used paper plates for the shells, which I had the kids decorate by gluing tissue paper squares, and they glued on an long green oval for the snail’s body. That was it! They came out okay… though the kids had trouble gluing the bodies in the proper place, and a lot of them came out looking more like big lollipops than snails. 


One comment

  1. The idea is great. I think the kids enjoy working on them even though it doesn’t look like one. What’s important is they’ve enjoyed decorating the snail. If ever you’ll be doing the same activity I am sure they’ll do better.

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