preschool story time: space

When I’m planning story times, I often page through my favorite story time blogs for ideas. The few I check most frequently are:

Of course, I always page through the Flannel Friday offerings for inspiration, too.

One day I was looking through Miss Meg’s Storytime, and found her space writeup. I absolutely loved her idea for a Name Spaceships craft. That was all the inspiration I needed to set me off and running.

Books Shared:

The Sun Is My Favorite Star by Frank Asch

Stars! Stars! Stars! by Bob Barner

I’ll Catch the Moon by Nina Crews

The Sun is My Favorite Star is good and simple. It worked really well to start to start with as they were engaged and really talkative. Stars! Stars! Stars! was a good choice for my group because of its simplicity. I’ve also been trying to mix more books from the non-fiction collection into storytime, and this fit the bill. I love Nina Crews’ style, and love that I’ll Catch the Moon features a diverse main character. The kids really enjoyed it, and we talked about how a lot of times when people look at the sky they imagine things. Which prompted us to talk about all the different things you might see in the sky, and made for a good discussion.

For the activity, we made Name Spaceships, just like Miss Meg. They came out awesome! I did have a few kids with super long names, so they had to make two spaceships to fit all their letters.


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  1. ah yay! glad that you found so many great ideas– i love space storytime!

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