preschool story time: transportation

This fall I did a transportation story time for preschoolers. I ended up doing this with a few different groups. Everyone loved the books, although the illustrations in Who Is Driving? worked better for a smaller group where everyone could see the details. Go-go Gorillas was a hit, as always. I have the kids spin their hands around (like Wheels on the Bus) while saying the refrain with me. It is actually not on every page, but we did each time anyways. The challenging part of this was that I cannot demonstrate the spin and hold the book at the same time, so even though we practiced beforehand, some groups didn’t really catch on. Maybe because the refrain is so long? Or the motion wasn’t exciting enough? I’m not sure.

Books shared:

Who Is Driving? by Leo Timmers

Go-Go Gorillas by Julia Durango

I couldn’t find any craft ideas that I liked, so I just drew road lines on pieces of paper and let the kids draw whatever they imagined driving down their street. Obviously, this worked better with the older preschoolers, but the younger ones had fun drawing too. The prep for this was super easy, and I ended up with some left over. I put them out for kids in the room and they were a hit with the elementary crowd, too.









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