preschool story time: mini book reviews

I’ve used a bunch of books in story time recently that don’t quite relate to any sort of theme, so I thought I’d just compile a list with mini reviews of them.

Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson and Will Hillenbrand

I used this book around my birthday, as it is all about Grandpa making an enormous birthday cake for Grandma. I read it with small groups and large groups and it was a hit with everyone. It has a lot of great vocabulary, a great story progression, and awesome illustrations.



Duck on Bike by David Shannon

I intended to find another bike book to go with this one, but ended up using it with something else. In this story, duck rides by many different farm animals on his bike and eventually they all join in the fun. Great opportunity to do farm animal noises. One group of kids expressed concern that Duck does not wear a helmet, so probably not the best book if you’re talking about bike safety.




Today is Monday by Eric Carle

 I thought I’d seen every Eric Carle book there was… but somehow I had never crossed paths with this one until a teacher requested I do a story time on nutrition. I had to watch a video to practice the tune. It was a bunch of fun to read and sing. (And would make a great flannel – I wonder if anyone has done one!) I had the kids pat their knees along with the beat until they picked up on the words.




 Old Mikamba Had a Farm by Rachel Isadora

I love the concept of this book: Old MacDonald with African animals. I will say, however, that it worked better in my head than it did with the kids. They had a really hard time adjusting to singing “Old Mikamba” instead of “Old MacDonald” and that made it a little confusing. Also, it seemed a bit long for their attention span. After using it with my first group, I clipped a few of the pages and skipped those with the second group. It was smoother, and I think that the shorter version was better. Absolutely wonderful book from Isadora though, as usual.


 Wake Up, Rupert! by Mike Twohy

When this came in the new books pile, I had to use it right away. It’s all about a rooster who loves to sleep and hates having to wake up early to do his job. His friend, a sheep, offers to help him out and hilarity ensues. I loved it, the kids loved it, the parents loved it. The best part: a chorus of kids making the sound of a sheep imitating a rooster cock-a-doodle-dooing.

Bright Stanley by Matt Buckingham

The kids immediately shouted “Rainbow Fish!” when I held up this book. No, this is not Rainbow, but another fish who also has shiny scales. Stanley has lost his school of fish, and travels through the ocean looking for them. It’s a simple story with a little bit of drama (shark!) and a comforting resolution.


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