rachel’s quick tips for ALA Annual

Rachel’s Quick Tips for ALA Annual

  • Be friendly. Don’t just sit down on the shuttle and stare at your phone. Say hello to someone sitting near you: introduce yourself and ask about their library. There are so many amazing people at ALA, and you rarely have the opportunity to network so widely.
  • Bring a good bag. You’re going to be carrying lots of stuff around. And tote-bag envy is a time-honored tradition among librarians.
  • Find a place to get your caffeine fix before you get to the conference center. The Starbucks lines typically range from bananas to not-even-worth-it.
  • Bring snacks. Especially if you are a picky eater, or have dietary restrictions, the long lines and overpriced food at the conference center just will not cut it.
  • Mark your calendar for Guerrilla Storytime. Attend as many times as physically possible.
  • Don’t forget your sneakers. I need the quiet-time of exercise to off-set the mania of conference.
  • Make time to visit City Lights Books. I think they also have a booth in the Exhibit Hall. (Great place to buy souvenirs for all your family and #alaleftbehind friends.)
  • Get a burrito. A few years ago, I had the best burrito of my life at Taqueria Cancun. I can’t wait to repeat the experience. (If anyone wants in on this, hmu!)

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