Hello! I’m Rachel. I am a Children’s Librarian working at a small branch in a large urban library system.

I strive to provide excellent customer service. Excellent customer service is pleasant, respectful, and helpful. As much as is possible, I greet every person who enters my room. I either introduce myself or express my pleasure to see a repeat visitor. Customer service is not just in my interaction, but also in the presentation of the room. Having a welcoming environment that is easy to navigate gives people a good impression.

I plan all of my services and programs with creativity and flexibility in mind. Patrons do not always respond in the way that I expect, so I am ready to adapt if necessary. I am constantly communicating with the community to find out exactly what they want and need from the library. I involve the kids themselves in aspects of my work, from program planning to collection development. As much as possible, I use their suggestions as guidance in planning.

Library work is often a balancing act. Sometimes it is multi-tasking answering reference questions, helping kids print, and answering the phone. Sometimes it is balancing how much money is spent on which part of the collection. Sometimes it is deciding how much energy to spend on traditional programs and how much to spend experimenting with new trendy ones. Finding the perfect balance for my community is something I work hard to do every day.


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