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story time: colors

I borrowed a number of ideas for this story time from Amy’s post on Color Science and Brooke’s baby art post. Thank you both for sharing such wonderful ideas. I kind of mashed a bunch of their ideas together and modified a bit to make an story time more suited to my adult:kid ratio. (And that I could do with the […]

preschool story time: magic trees

If you haven’t experienced the amazing book Tap the Magic Tree, do yourself a favor and go get a copy right now. It is an interactive adventure unlike any other that explores how a tree changes through the seasons. When I read this book to kids, I tell them that the book has some directions […]

preschool story time: quack quack

Books shared: Old Mikamba Had a Farm by Rachel Isadora Duck on a Bike by David Shannon Stuck in the Mud by Jane Clarke One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root I did this craft with a few different groups, and switched up the books each time. When I read Stuck in the Mud, I made triangle […]

preschool story time: transportation

This fall I did a transportation story time for preschoolers. I ended up doing this with a few different groups. Everyone loved the books, although the illustrations in Who Is Driving? worked better for a smaller group where everyone could see the details. Go-go Gorillas was a hit, as always. I have the kids spin […]

preschool story time: space

When I’m planning story times, I often page through my favorite story time blogs for ideas. The few I check most frequently are: Storytime Katie (I especially love that she has a Themes page) Miss Meg’s Storytime Future Librarian Superhero (also has a Themes page!) Read Sing Play (especially good for younger story times) Of course, […]

preschool story time: snails (and snakes)

I had done snakes with some of my preschool groups already, for the Lunar New Year and for summer crafts, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to read Small Green Snake. So I decided to pair it with The Secret and do a snail craft. Books shared: The Secret by Lindsay Barrett George Small Green Snake by Libba Moore Gray The […]

drop-in art: salt sand art

I got this wonderful idea from a colleague at another branch in my system. Basically, you use chalk to color salt and then use it to make sand art. I already had some chalk, so I bought a bunch of salt (I estimated one container of salt would fill about 2 bottles). I bought some […]