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story time: colors

I borrowed a number of ideas for this story time from Amy’s post on Color Science and Brooke’s baby art post. Thank you both for sharing such wonderful ideas. I kind of mashed a bunch of their ideas together and modified a bit to make an story time more suited to my adult:kid ratio. (And that I could do with the […]

preschool story time: magic trees

If you haven’t experienced the amazing book Tap the Magic Tree, do yourself a favor and go get a copy right now. It is an interactive adventure unlike any other that explores how a tree changes through the seasons. When I read this book to kids, I tell them that the book has some directions […]

preschool story time: quack quack

Books shared: Old Mikamba Had a Farm by Rachel Isadora Duck on a Bike by David Shannon Stuck in the Mud by Jane Clarke One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root I did this craft with a few different groups, and switched up the books each time. When I read Stuck in the Mud, I made triangle […]

preschool story time: mini book reviews

I’ve used a bunch of books in story time recently that don’t quite relate to any sort of theme, so I thought I’d just compile a list with mini reviews of them. Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson and Will Hillenbrand I used this book around my birthday, as it is all about Grandpa making an enormous […]

toddler storytime: popcorn kernels

I love using scarves with toddlers, and I recently learned a new rhyme that I’ve been loving. I’ve actually done it a few times without the scarves and it works well that way, too. POPCORN KERNELS (to the tune of Frere Jacques) Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels (wave scarf over head) In the pot, in the pot […]

guerilla storytime + beyond

Out of all the great sessions, wonderful conversation starters, and other stuff at ALA, Guerilla Storytime inspired me the most. I cannot stop thinking about how awesome it was, and how I want (need) to keep that awesome going now that ALA is over. (If you want to read some thorough and thoughtful write-ups, go […]

preschool story time: the alphabet

I had an idea for a craft that I wanted to use in story time. I’m not a huge stickler for themes, but I pulled a few alphabet books to make it more cohesive. One of the books I really wanted to use, Alligator Alphabet, unfortunately did not come in time.  If I was doing […]