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story time: colors

I borrowed a number of ideas for this story time from Amy’s post on Color Science and Brooke’s baby art post. Thank you both for sharing such wonderful ideas. I kind of mashed a bunch of their ideas together and modified a bit to make an story time more suited to my adult:kid ratio. (And that I could do with the […]

drop-in art: salt sand art

I got this wonderful idea from a colleague at another branch in my system. Basically, you use chalk to color salt and then use it to make sand art. I already had some chalk, so I bought a bunch of salt (I estimated one container of salt would fill about 2 bottles). I bought some […]

drop-in art: yarn bowls

I’m always looking for new ideas for my weekly drop-in art program. Usually I look for projects that are relatively easy, low mess, and low cost. This yarn bowl project was low cost and pretty easy, but it definitely wasn’t low mess. But it was loads of fun! Here’s how we did it. (By the […]

coloring table

I know that many library children’s rooms make coloring sheets available for kids. While I am a huge fan of coloring, I am not a huge fan of coloring sheets. I think that coloring your own picture fosters more creativity than coloring within the lines of some Disney princess or seasonal holiday scene. And I […]

craft: dream catchers

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about this craft. It was scheduled for me at my new library before I started as one of the summer reading activities that would happen at all of the branches. However, it ended up being a total blast. I modified the original plan (a weekday afternoon from 3-5pm) […]

display: I Spy

I realized one day that our holiday display was woefully out of date. As I’m personally not into holiday decorations or displays, I do something else with the space. This display case is located on some prime real estate: near the entrance overlooking the circulation desk. I got the idea for an I Spy display from another site, which […]

family programming

Every Saturday, we offer an afternoon program for families at my library. Usually, it’s a family storytime provided by one of my coworkers, but once a month we give her a break and another staff person does a different program designed to encourage families to read together. All you need to do is share a […]