In May this year, I had the pleasure and privilege of co-organizing Guerrilla Story Time for the Massachusetts Library Association’s Annual conference, held in Worcester, MA. If you aren’t sure what Guerrilla Story Time is, you should read my post on Guerrilla Story Time from last year’s ALA, and visit the Storytime Underground site for more […]

I’ve used a bunch of books in story time recently that don’t quite relate to any sort of theme, so I thought I’d just compile a list with mini reviews of them. Whopper Cake by Karma Wilson and Will Hillenbrand I used this book around my birthday, as it is all about Grandpa making an enormous […]

I love using scarves with toddlers, and I recently learned a new rhyme that I’ve been loving. I’ve actually done it a few times without the scarves and it works well that way, too. POPCORN KERNELS (to the tune of Frere Jacques) Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels (wave scarf over head) In the pot, in the pot […]

This fall I did a transportation story time for preschoolers. I ended up doing this with a few different groups. Everyone loved the books, although the illustrations in Who Is Driving? worked better for a smaller group where everyone could see the details. Go-go Gorillas was a hit, as always. I have the kids spin […]

When I’m planning story times, I often page through my favorite story time blogs for ideas. The few I check most frequently are: Storytime Katie (I especially love that she has a Themes page) Miss Meg’s Storytime Future Librarian Superhero (also has a Themes page!) Read Sing Play (especially good for younger story times) Of course, […]

I had done snakes with some of my preschool groups already, for the Lunar New Year and for summer crafts, but I hadn’t gotten the chance to read Small Green Snake. So I decided to pair it with The Secret and do a snail craft. Books shared: The Secret by Lindsay Barrett George Small Green Snake by Libba Moore Gray The […]

I got this wonderful idea from a colleague at another branch in my system. Basically, you use chalk to color salt and then use it to make sand art. I already had some chalk, so I bought a bunch of salt (I estimated one container of salt would fill about 2 bottles). I bought some […]